Mechanical Design and Anlysis

Mechanical Engineering Service Provider, Support organizations/OEMs to develop Mechanical design and products.

    Specialized In Mechanical Design and Analysis
  • Handled complicated FE Analysis and CFD in Automotive and Aerospace Industries
  • Product Design and Validation for the Conversion of 2D Engineering Drawings to 3D Parametric Solid Modelling
  • Aesthetic design, Customization / Automation for individual, Product Lines, Release of Product Drawings
  • Core-competencies for Discrete industries are CATIA, Solid works and Pro-Engineer, Concept Modelling, Reverse Engineering, Surface Modelling
  • Computer-Aided Planning Process (CAPP)
  • Engineering Teams with High Experience & Domain Expertise
    Tools: CATIA 4.x / 5.x Pro-Engineer / Creo AutoDesk Inventor, UG, Solid works
    2D to 3D Conversion

      Conversion of 2D drawings from the print, dwg/dxf or image format to high quality feature based parametric 3D models is our expertise area.

      There is an immense need in the industry for development of 2D drawings from the models generated by designers. Typically for reverse engineered and concept models, there is a need to create product and Manufacturing drawings as per the sample drawings or drawing generation standards.

      AVAIANSYS helps companies in this niche area by providing deep engineering and CAD tool expertise for delivery of product drawings.

Finite Element Analysis

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a critical tool when it comes to product development. Simulation gives the product designer multiple performance conditions to test on the product designs; this reduces the product failures and provides measurable benefits in terms of lower manufacturing cost, reduced product development time and increased efficiency. In times of economic troubles, outsourcing FEA Analysis to reliable partners not only help lower costs but also give manufacturing companies a competitive edge.

    AVIANSYS is one such service provider who can be your one-stop-shop for all your FEA needs. We have some of the most skilled and experienced mechanical engineers on board who can cater to all your needs. We leverage the best and the latest FEA tools and technologies and deliver quality services to our clients.

Computer-Aided Planning Process (CAPP)

    Even complex manufacturing problems can be solved with ease if manufacturing processes including change management process, value engineering, and operations management are planned correctly. Streamlining global manufacturing processes in an environment of increasing competition, distributed teams, and regulatory compliance, requires seamless integration of activities including process planning, designing, analysis, and quality checking of different parts.

    Aviansys Solutions' manufacturing process planning, and support services help companies in the manufacturing industry to design and develop products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is done by taking advantage of effective change management process and value engineering during manufacturing process. By utilizing the latest computer-aided planning process (CAPP) and best practices our experts make customized plans for your product development that help you remain competitive in the market.

Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering techniques are effectively used in scenarios where physical models may require digital interpretation for enhancing or modifying the product to suit a different segment/application. We convert the given physical models or image files of the product to digital models using tools like Soli dworks with accuracy and integrity.

Surface Modelling

    Innovation and creativity are the two vital needs of the industry and we help companies in improving the aesthetic appeal of their products. Surface modelling is one vertical, in which our product design team involves ingenerating aesthetic features to improve the styling appearance of the products. We can provide the product concepts for review and presentation after rendering and creating animations for realistic appeal. The presentations can be delivered in video files as well as PowerPoint presentations.

    Developing Assembly Models and General Assembly (GA) drawing of various configurations as per customer requirement is a time consuming and repetitive task. We address this problem by customizing the existing CAD software (Solid Works) for the individual product lines and providing a user interface for entering the variables. With our customization solution the models, drawings and BOM gets generated automatically at a click of the button.