Industry Automation & Data Security

AVIANSYS specializes in providing highly responsive Plant/Industry Automation Solution and Services in Steel Manufacturing Plant, Cement Industry, Transportation, Aerospace. Have specialized in Industry 4.0 and evolving to Industry 5.0.

    IOT Solution Development
  • Platform & Protocols: MQTT, ThingWorx
  • Application deployment 
  • IOT Clouds
    Sensing Pod with Application Interface:
  • Machinery Data Collection
  • Monitoring & Analysis
  • Report & Corrective Actions
  • Analytics and Predictive Solution
System connect through Wi-Fi /Lora/4G/5G/J45 and send store data in local and/or cloud.
  • e.g. FFT technique, create HMI to analyse Vibration and store them.
  • Break unexpected breakdowns
  • Predict early signs of machine failure
  • Make maintenance predictable, efficient and less stressful
  • Predict cloud makes predictive maintenance even more powerful