Aerospace Engineering

We are experts in Software and Hardware for Avionics equipments and mechanical system subsystem and component design,development simulations analysis and validation. We do Aeromodelling, computational fluid dynamics(CFD) simulation and system-level optimization. Our expertise on application and interfacing of various modelling and analysis tools (CATIA, Ansys, Isight, Matlab, Simulink, Scade.. ) for components and subsystem modelling simulation and validation to enhance the design and perform virtual simulations which can reduce the product development lifecycle.

Mechanical Design and Analysis
  • System design, Component Design and Analysis.
  • Obsolescence management (e.g. 2D to 3D conversion).
  • Complete optimization of design fulfilling cabin ergonomics, comfort and space scenario.
  • Compatible for Linear and Non-linear analysis and stress analysis.
  • Design calculation and considerations, CFD, FMEA and reverse eng. to deliver more effective and efficient design.
  • Virtual simulation and optimization using latest tools and techniques.
  • Validation and verification of design using agile and V-shape project management techniques.
Avionics & Embedded Technology
  • System Design and Testing.
  • Expertise in system development as per ARP 4754.
  • Expertise in system safety as per ARP 4761.
  • Expertise in system testing as per DO 160.
Software Design and Testing
  • Expertise in software Design ,Development as per DO178B/C.
  • Validation & Verification (V&V) as per DO178B/C.
  • Model based design and development (MBD) for the software.
  • Embedded software development for Avionics.
  • Requirement Management , Configuration Management and Change Control.
  • Software development life cycle (SDLC): Waterfall-Model ,V-Model, Agile-Scrum.
Test Bench Development
  • SW Development.
  • SW Testing.
  • Test Bench Development.
Technical Publication
  • Technical Authoring.
  • Illustration .
  • Standards : ATA100, S1000D.